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Marcela Alatorre (Mexique) Bijoux-verre ancien

Since a very young age I have been fascinated by jewellery and the meaning of wearing it, what a woman manages to express by the jewellery she decides to wear.

My grandparents went to Venice and Viena in 1928. They brought a huge collec- tion of glass necklaces from Bohemia and Murano. I used to admire and wear them. I even collected marbles just for the joy of holding the vibrant colours that I could not reproduce with the oils, since the glass allows the light trough and each handmade piece becomes unique.

After exploring various forms of art, including ceramic and batik, I came to London to do a Masters degree at LSE in industrial relations and then became commercial attaché (I was responsible for the jewellery and crafts). While I was working I would go and study art at night at St Martin’s. I have always kept my creative work as a private passion since I can have the freedom to explore philosophy, spirituality and my wondering life appreciation being loyal to my soul more than the market trends.

My first necklace was made ten years ago. The demand for my pieces grew gradually over the years and particularly “custom made” which is a great joy for me, since I can meet a lady and try to find colours in her eyes and frame her beauty by allowing the shine of her eyes to be reflected and celebrated with the stones and the glass. I find each lady a fun challenge. I contemplate their eyes, their hair and spirit in order to create a harmonious piece that would lift their uniqueness. At times I also find a beautiful challenge to frame the antique glass beads for the modern human to appreciate the amazing skills of glass making that have lost.

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